Evolved Habitats Buck Grub Beast Feast 5lb


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Evolved Habitats Buck Grub Beast Feast 5lb

Each bag contains a highly palatable blend of ground soybeans and blended grains bucks can’t resist. This proprietary mix is specially formulated to provide the nutrients necessary to attract, establish and maintain a bigger and healthier herd. Buck Grub Beast Feast works year-round to sustain body mass, boost antler growth and improve overall herd health.

Product Features:

Beast Feast is a beneficial deer supplement designed to work with the digestive system of the deer by providing minerals used to breakdown and process food eaten on a daily basis. Provide this product on a free range basis to allow deer to consume their desired portion
We recommend mounding Beast Feast on a rotting hardwood stumps or mixing in with supplemental salts put out on a free range basis
When mixing with supplemental salts use 1 pound per 50 lbs of salts

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