Drake Mst Refuge Hs Vest


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    The Drake Refuge HS Vest provides protection from the elements where you need it most. This vest is made of our Refuge HS shell fabric bonded to warm 280 gram fleece so the fabric moves as one layer.
    This Vest provides protection from the elements where you need it most while keeping your arms unrestricted. Designed to be worn as outerwear, the vest is ideal for wearing over our Wingshooter’s Shirt or BreathLite Pullover to add core weather protection and warmth when a full waterproof jacket is not required. The MST Refuge HS Vest is loaded with Instinctive Features so you don’t have to give up function for comfort.

    What’s In A Name?

    When we set out to create the best waterfowl hunting clothes on the market back in late 2002, we knew immediately that a standard warm coat wouldn’t be near enough to impress the hard-core hunters that spend day after day in the field. We needed something to meet every condition a hunter can face… we needed a “SYSTEM”. This was the beginning of Drake Waterfowl Systems.

    With hunting season ranging anywhere from 60 degrees to minus 10 degrees, it is all too easy to over-dress or under-dress. Over-dressing not only leads to over-heating, it also hinders mobility, which can become very aggravating when trying to make an overhead shot or simply walking to the blind. Under-dressing can be even more punishing. If any hunter has ever made an early morning boat ride in freezing temps without a windproof coat, they know exactly what miserable is. With all the different changes in the weather, there is another factor all other companies seem to overlook and that is YOU. Are you an inactive, active, or hyperactive hunter? Some people are “hot-natured” while some are “cold-natured”.

    To answer all these questions and solve the obvious problems, we came up with a “SYSTEM”. Separated into three main categories, we have EST™ (Early Season Technology), MST™ (Mid Season Technology) and LST™ (Late Season Technology).

    Weight 2 lbs
    Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 in

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