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Choosing Outdoor Gear For Your Next Adventure

So, you’ve decided you need some excitement in your life.  You’re tired of the day in, day out routine of sitting in an office for 9 or so hours a day and coming home where you just sit around.  You have weekends off and they should be about more than catching up on cleaning.  You’re […]

Carhartt Jackets Are Made For Work

When you think of work clothing one name pops up constantly; Carhartt.  This brand has been around forever it seems.  Your father probably had something from Carhartt as well as your grandfather and even great-grandfather.  This brand was first established in 1889 by Hamilton Carhartt for railroad workers.  There isn’t much harder work than working […]

Different Types Of Ammunition For What You Hunt

The type of ammunition you pick is just as important as the type of gun you choose.  Now, when I first started shooting, I knew a shotgun shell wouldn’t fit in my Ruger 357, a round was a single shot and that was about all I knew.  I was issued hollow point bullets for my […]

Why Under Armour Camo Is The Best Camo Out There

Here’s the scenario; you’re out in the woods, looking for a deer.  It’s been a few hours and you are sweating up a storm.  Wait!  Is that a deer you see?  Oh, yes.  You grab your bow get ready to shoot and the deer looks your way, sees that awful red jacket, smells your sweat […]

What Archery Equipment Do You Need To Start Hunting With A Bow?

One of the oldest forms of hunting was with the bow and arrow.  You can probably picture these hunters with a crudely curved bow and a plant substance or rawhide was used as the string.  Arrows consisted of pieces of wood with a point carved into them.  Eventually arrowheads were added to the arrows replacing […]