Monthly Archives: July 2015

Stop Paying For Smoked Meats And Get Your Own Smoker

You like your smoked meat, there’s really nothing that can compare with the tenderness and the taste. The only problem is if you do it yourself, it’s a lot of work and a lot of time. So you generally get someone else to do it for you and you just pay them. But what if […]

Stay Prepared In All Kinds Of Weather With Head-mounted Flashlights

You know it never fails. You can have great weather for most of your excursions, but then there’s that one that slips in that is the nightmare of all weather scenarios, either driving wind or blizzard conditions for snow and it’s either so wet or so cold that it’s all you can do to keep […]

Perfect Your Aim With Yard Targets

Whether you’re shooting in the yard just because, hey, you like shooting or whether you’re trying to improve your performance, you need yard targets. Sure, you can go with the can on the fence. It works and it certainly is a smaller target, you’d definitely clean up our shot. But why do that when you […]

Keep Your Boots Ready For Your Next Adventure With A Peet Dryer

Remember the days when you went out on a hunt and your boots were wet and you had to open them wide and pray they would dry before you needed them again? And oh yeah, let’s not forget how you prayed they’d dry before they smelled like a high school gym locker. Well, you weren’t […]