Monthly Archives: April 2015

Add To Your Knife Collection With A W.r. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. Knife

If there is one thing you’ve learned over the years, it’s that no matter how many knives you have, they are never enough. No matter the features you currently have, there is either something missing or you discover that the knife you bought did not live up to its promised performance. When you are out […]

Streamlight Flashlights Will Keep You Out Of The Dark

There’s nothing worse than being in the dark.  There you are tripping over things, walking into stuff and certainly because of all your stumbling around, with all that noise you’re making, you aren’t going to sneak up on anything.  Worse, you might even have hunters think you are the target they have been waiting for.  […]

Why You Should Choose A Nikon Scope

Are you using old, outdated hunting equipment?  Is your old scope loose and hard to focus?  Do you find your shots missing the intended targets?  It is time to get a new scope.  You want one that will have the latest technology to give you a spot on, dead center shot.  It’s time to check […]

How To Accessorize Your Green Egg Grill

Congratulations!  You’ve purchased a Green Egg Grill; one of the best on the market.  And like any owner of a fabulous new item, you want to go out and buy all the extras that go along with it.  Remember buying that new sports car?  You couldn’t wait to go out and buy a fancy sun […]