Monthly Archives: November 2015

A Good Fishing Spear Brings Home A Bigger Catch

it’s sunset in the florida keys.  as i sit on the dock soaking in the last rays of the sun, i let my mind wander ahead to tomorrow’s events.  i will be going spearfishing with my son and his friends. i have been spear fishing for almost a decade now.  i started when i was […]

A Good Broadhead Can Make All The Difference In Your Hunt

any bow hunter will tell you the value of a quality broadhead arrow.  used properly, these arrowheads will assist you in bringing in more game that otherwise may run off after being hit. i grew up hunting small game in the woods behind my house.  i started out using a rifle—and i still use one […]

Gun Cleaning Kits Are A Necessary Part Of Keeping Your Gun In Great Shape

it’s just after sunset after the first day of my annual hunting trip, and as i sit in my hunting cabin with my gun cleaning kit spread out on the table i look back over the day.  it was a good day: i was in the woods before sunup, saw a number of elk, and […]

An Air Gun Is An Efficient And Simple Way To Enjoy Shooting

if you enjoy target practice an air gun is a cheap way to spend a morning out in the great outdoors.  with ammunition costs rising for traditional guns, an air gun provides an affordable alternative without forcing you to sacrifice the thrill of a morning out in the woods plinking away at targets. air guns […]