Monthly Archives: December 2016

Do Game Cameras Give You An Edge, Or Take Away The Sport Of Hunting?

If you’ve been hunting for twenty years like I have, you have doubtless noticed the impact that technology has had on the hunt.  There are many examples of this such as new clothing and so on that is available today, but I’m specifically talking about game cameras here. Game cameras have definitely changed the game, […]

Be Prepared By Learning To Shoot With A Pellet Gun


I started shooting a pellet gun when I was six years old.  My grandpa gave it to me for my birthday and told me that I needed to learn how to handle a gun.  He said once I got that figured out, he would take me hunting for real. A Pellet Gun is a Great […]

Never Go Hunting Without Your Orange Hunting Clothing

When shopping for hunting clothing, you’ve most likely noticed racks full of camouflage gear – shirts, jackets, pants as well as hats, gloves and even boots.  This clearly makes sense; you want to blend into your forest surroundings so your targets can’t see you.  But near all the camo gear, you have probably noticed a […]