A Good Fishing Spear Brings Home A Bigger Catch

it’s sunset in the florida keys.  as i sit on the dock soaking in the last rays of the sun, i let my mind wander ahead to tomorrow’s events.  i will be going spearfishing with my son and his friends.

i have been spear fishing for almost a decade now.  i started when i was 27.  it was on a vacation to mexico, and i think i tried it as more of a lark than anything else.  but, as soon as i came back from my first time out, i knew it was going to be a lifelong hobby.  i love the whole experience: the way the sun filters down through the water; the peaceful rocking motion of the underwater currents as you swim around a reef; even the brightly-colored fish darting in and out of their hiding places.

spear fishing requires a good spear

i have used several types of spears when fishing.  i have seen first-hand the difference it makes when you use a good fishing spear.  my latest spear, the b & m pole 3- prong spear, is one of the best ones i’ve used yet.  the welded seams make the head tough enough to stand up to all the abuse you will dish out.  the razor-sharp points slice through the water easily and make snagging your fish a piece of cake.  the prongs on the end of the points keep your fish from getting off the spearhead once you’ve got it.

fishing makes you appreciate the environment

i have found myself to be more environmentally conscious now that i am out enjoying the natural beauty of the wild.  if you have never snorkeled through a brightly-colored tropical reef while on a spearfishing trip, then you’ve never experienced what i consider to be the pinnacle of nature.

if you’re wanting to spend some time in the great outdoors, and if you have never had the pleasure of spearfishing, let me wholeheartedly recommend that you give it a try.  here at Safford Trading Company we have anything you could possibly need for your fishing trip.  take some time, look through our site, and see where your next adventure takes you.