Get Rid Of Your Scent When Hunting With Scent Eliminators

It’s late November, and I’ve been sitting in my tree stand for three hours.  As I listen to the wind rustling through the colorful leaves, I think about the big buck that I’m hoping to bag today.  The cold begins to seep through my clothing, and my toes start to feel numb, but I’m sustained with thoughts of that trophy rack.

I know he’s out there.  I’ve seen him on my trail cams, and seen evidence of him at the salt licks I’ve strategically installed.  Now, it’s just a matter of dropping him.  A rustling in the brush brings me out of my daydream, and there he is: a majestic buck in all his glory, standing not more than 30 yards down the trail.  I can already see the way he’ll look in my study, mounted over the fireplace.

As I line up the sights on my bow, the wind changes and he freezes, his nose exploring the air.  Suddenly it hits me: I forgot my scent eliminators when I was prepping because I was too excited thinking about the hunt.  In a flash the buck turns tail and is gone, leaving nothing but a few tree branches shaking to mark his passing.

Scent Eliminators Are Crucial to a Good Hunt

get-rid-of-your-scent-when-hunting-with-scent-eliminatorsI sink to the floor of the tree stand, a long sigh coming out of my mouth.  All that work, and all that time, wasted in an instant because I forgot to use my scent eliminators.

Game animals have a highly developed sense of smell.  They know where you are even before they see you because you have a distinctive predator scent.  Using scent eliminators will mask your scent, and they’ll never even know you are there.

If you want all your hard work and prep time to pay off, don’t forget to use your scent eliminators.  We carry a variety of effective scent eliminators.  Take some time and browse through them.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Make your next hunt a success.