Be Prepared By Learning To Shoot With A Pellet Gun


I started shooting a pellet gun when I was six years old.  My grandpa gave it to me for my birthday and told me that I needed to learn how to handle a gun.  He said once I got that figured out, he would take me hunting for real.

A Pellet Gun is a Great Way to Learn

being-prepared-by-learning-to-shoot-with-a-pellet-gunI spent the next two years learning all about gun safety and becoming more comfortable around firearms.  My grandpa was pretty wise—as a six-year-old child, I sometimes made mistakes that only resulted in a small ding in the siding of the house, or a chip off the paint on my dad’s car.  Had I been using a .22 or anything else, those incidents could have been a lot worse.

So anyway, I learned how to handle a firearm, and on the morning of my 8th birthday, I came downstairs to see my grandpa sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee with my dad.  When I padded into the kitchen, he gestured to the wrapped box in the corner.

Of course it was my very own .22.  I spent the rest of that day hunting with my grandpa, and it’s one of my best memories.  I knew that I had learned the right way to act when you have a weapon, and I knew that I was ready.

Help the Youngster in Your Life Learn

If you have a child who needs to learn how to handle a firearm—or if you need to learn yourself—getting a pellet gun is a great way to go.  Pellet guns are cheaper than rifles, and of course if you happen to make a mistake the consequences are usually a lot smaller.

Many pellet guns are constructed in such a way as to mimic the look and feel of larger firearms.  They are a great training aid, and ammunition is cheap, so learning to shoot won’t cost you too much.

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