My Feet Are Thankful For Georgia Boots

If you’ve been outside lately, you know it’s cold out there!  That arctic blast of cold air has frozen the United States all the way down to Florida.  Keeping warm has become imperative for those who spend time outside. All those road workers, hunters, construction workers and loggers know how painful and dangerous frozen feet can be.  It doesn’t take much for frostbite to set in.  Most people know that heat escapes from three areas of the body; the head, the hands and the feet.  When your feet are cold you never feel like you can get warm enough.  I recommend Georgia Boots to help keep your feet warm and comfortable.

Georgia Boots are premium boots made for all kinds of weather.  They use technology to make these boots comfortable and functional in steel toed boots, waterproof boots and insulated boots.  Last spring, I purchased a pair of their Gortex waterproof logger boots.  It’s the muddy season around here and it’s still mighty cold.  As anyone knows, there’s nothing more uncomfortable than cold, wet feet.  I had heard how good these boots were and I was not disappointed.  After a day trudging through the muck and mire, my feet remained dry and warm.  It was amazing.

My neighbor, Bob, has a construction job and swears by his Metatarsal steel toed work boot.  This boot has reflected all sorts of things he’s dropped on his feet.  If it wasn’t for his Georgia steel toed boot, he probably would’ve lost a few toes the time he dropped the chain saw on his foot.  Georgia boots also have puncture resistant boots that will protect Bob if he drops any sharp objects on himself too. And since we are talking about feet protection, let’s get back to those cold temperatures.  Georgia Boots have a wonderful insulated boot that will keep those feet of yours protected and comfortable in times when your nose hairs freeze up out there.

I can’t say enough good things about Georgia Boots.  I’m recommending them to everyone I know who needs protection for their feet.  Not only can these boots come in waterproof styles, insulated styles and steel toed styles, you will also find their safety boots are anti oil and slip resistant and can withstand an electrical hazard.  Quick, name me another boot that can do all this.  I don’t think you can.

Do yourself a favor and check out the quality workmanship put into these boots. As with any piece of work or sporting equipment, you want the best you can get.  Why would you settle for anything less than the best for your feet?  My feet thank Georgia boots every single day.