A Good Broadhead Can Make All The Difference In Your Hunt

any bow hunter will tell you the value of a quality broadhead arrow.  used properly, these arrowheads will assist you in bringing in more game that otherwise may run off after being hit.

i grew up hunting small game in the woods behind my house.  i started out using a rifle—and i still use one sometimes—but after several years i found that the hunt was losing its challenge for me.  my dad suggested i try bow hunting.

the first time i used a bow it was a disaster.  i was completely unprepared for the difference in the mechanics of hunting with a bow as opposed to using a rifle.  instead of hitting the deer i was aiming for, i ended up shooting a tree and ruining my arrow.  after many more hours of practice, i brought down a turkey using only a bow.  from then on i was pretty well hooked on bow hunting and i learned the different uses and values of various types of arrowheads.

broadhead arrowheads

broadhead arrowheads are specifically designed to bring your quarry down faster.  this keeps them from running too far after they have been hit, and increases your chances of recovering your meat.  using broadheads has saved me from many miserable hours of trudging through the brush trying to find a wounded deer or other animal.

however, you must be sure to get a quality broadhead.  if you get a cheap one you will immediately be able to tell the difference both in its impact and in its durability.  as you can imagine an arrow strikes its target with a tremendous amount of force and if you don’t have a good arrowhead you run a risk of it breaking or bending and becoming unusable.

shopping for broadheads

when you’re looking for a broadhead you need to go to a merchant with a reputation for quality and customer service.  here at Safford Trading Company we carry a line of arrowheads from such quality manufacturers as muzzy, rage, and others.  take some time to browse our selection and feel free to ask any questions you may have.