Never Go Hunting Without Your Orange Hunting Clothing

When shopping for hunting clothing, you’ve most likely noticed racks full of camouflage gear – shirts, jackets, pants as well as hats, gloves and even boots.  This clearly makes sense; you want to blend into your forest surroundings so your targets can’t see you.  But near all the camo gear, you have probably noticed a […]

Looking For A New Sport? Try Bowfishing!

Are you tired of the same old sports?  Maybe hunting or fishing just aren’t providing the same thrill as before.  Are you looking for a new challenge?  If so, you might want to consider bowfishing. What is Bowfishing? A sort of cross between bowhunting and spearfishing, bowfishing is a type of fishing that uses specially […]

Benefits Of Having A Birdbath In Your Yard

Who doesn’t love seeing all of the different types of birds congregating in the yard or garden?  One surefire way to attract different species of these winged creatures is by setting up a birdbath.  But birdbaths have many other benefits aside from giving birds a place to hydrate and bathe. Birds Aerate Soil Compacted soil […]

Fry Up This Year’s Thanksgiving Feast With A Specialty Fryer

Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  For many, this means spending hours in the kitchen, roasting the turkey in the oven, making all the sides and even baking a dessert or two.  The turkey takes up a lot of space in the oven, and often takes a lot of time.  Roasting the turkey has come […]

Love Seeing Nature? Use Game Feeders To Bring More Animals To Your Yard

Seeing wildlife in your yard can provide you with both education and entertainment.  You can learn about all of the different local animals – what species are native to your region and how they interact.  Watching animals play can provide some unique entertainment that few get to enjoy.  If you love seeing nature in action, […]

Top 5 Reasons To Get A Lawn Tractor To Mow Your Lawn

When it comes to lawn care, you want your yard to look its best.  In order to keep the grass neat and trimmed, you have two choices, use a push mower or use a lawn tractor.  While both can get the job done, here are five reasons why you should invest in a lawn tractor […]

Using Traps To Keep Squirrels Out Of Your Attic!

Squirrels are able to easily adapt to new environments. While they build nests high up tall trees and live in them in the wild, they can also take over attics of your urban or suburban home. They see your attic as a hole in a tree where they can find warmth and safety from predators. […]